Commercial Fire Alarm Installation: 5 Benefits Of Upgrading Your System

Does your building's alarm system meet the local building codes? If your system is still in place from when your building was built or has been there for many years, it may be time to upgrade it to take advantage of newer, more advanced technology and additional protection features. An outdated fire alarm system can lead to false alarms and increased response times from emergency responders. What are the advantages of an upgraded commercial fire alarm installation?

1. Comply With Updated Fire Safety Code

A commercial fire alarm upgrade is a great idea if you haven't changed your business's fire safety precautions since they were first established. Many locales require businesses to be compliant with commercial fire safety codes. When you upgrade your company's current commercial fire alarms, it helps ensure that you meet these requirements and helps deploy better fire protection.

2. Reduces False Alarms

False alarms don't just waste money; they also hurt credibility. When a customer calls 9-1-1 due to a false alarm, firefighters are frustrated. No one wants to deal with false alarms regularly, so it's important to upgrade your commercial fire alarm systems regularly. Upgrading can help reduce false alarms that pressure local resources and distract from real emergencies.

3. Easier Fault Diagnosis and Maintenance

A modern commercial fire alarm installation comes with an upgraded control panel to view fault codes, monitor sensors, and adjust settings quickly. If a sensor is triggered or there's a fault in any part of your system, you can quickly diagnose and fix it. 

They also come with a platform that you can access remotely. You can configure settings and diagnose faults from this platform, making maintenance tasks easy. 

4. Easier Scalability Allows Expansion or Reconfiguration 

It will be easier to add extra sensors or areas in the future if you have a modern commercial fire alarm system installation. This can save you money and increase building safety. Easy integration with other systems, including a CCTV network. It eases the management of the overall setup on one platform.

5. Deploy More Effective Emergency Communication

While older commercial fire alarms used sirens and horns to signal danger, today's fire alarms have more advanced communication systems. Some fire codes demand fire alarm systems be separate from the main communication systems. A special radio network accessible to emergency responders enables a more effective fire response.

A fire alarm system is essential and mandatory for every commercial building and plays a crucial role in protecting people and business assets. Therefore, it must be updated to do this job effectively. Call a security systems installer to discuss a suitable commercial fire alarm installation for your business.

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