Seven Expenses You Can Potentially Avoid With A Commercial Camera System

Although putting in a commercial camera system at your place of business requires an upfront investment, it can also save you money over the long term. The following are seven expenses you can potentially avoid with a commercial camera system. 

Damage repairs due to vandalism

If you don't have a camera system in place to deter miscreants, you'll be more likely to experience vandalism at your commercial facility.

Damage repairs after an incidence of vandalism can be expensive and might not necessarily be covered under your commercial property insurance policy. That's why it's important to keep vandals away with a surveillance system and ensure that they're prosecuted and made to pay restitution when they do strike. 

Lost profits due to product stolen by burglars

You'll be more of a target for burglars if you don't invest in a good commercial camera system. Burglars can steal both your product and your company's equipment if you don't keep them away by taking adequate security precautions. 

Lost profits due to product stolen by employees

Unfortunately, burglars aren't the only potential cause of lost profits due to theft. It's also not uncommon for employees to cause lost profits by stealing from the company they're working for.

However, if your employees know that you have a camera system in place, they'll be far less likely to take the risk of attempting to steal from their workplace. 

Higher insurance costs

Some insurance providers will offer you discounts if you've made investments in security features for your commercial facilities. Make sure that you notify your insurance provider of any commercial camera equipment you've had installed and ask if you'll be eligible for a discount on your premiums as a result. 

Increased hiring costs due to high turnover

Depending on where your commercial facility is located, your employees might have some concerns over security. You want your employees to feel safe when they come in for work. Having a commercial camera system in place can make your employees feel safer and more content with their jobs. 

Lost business due to customers feeling unsafe

In addition to keeping your employees safe, you also have a responsibility to keep your customers safe at your commercial facility. Your customers will appreciate the investments you make in security and may feel safer if they notice surveillance cameras when they come in to do business. 

Higher security expenses due to the need to pay security guards

It's going to be significantly less costly for your company to pay to have a camera system installed than to pay the wages of an on-site security guard. If security cameras can minimize your need for security personnel, they could significantly bring down your labor costs. 

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