Benefits Offered by Web Based Access Control Systems

The access control needs of your business can be an essential part of its security. Luckily, modern access control systems can provide small and large businesses with the degree of control that they need. In particular, web-based access control solutions can offer additional benefits that your company may wish to utilize.

Reliably Track Those Using the Access Controls

If there is a security breach with your business, it can be extremely useful to be able to review the access logs for the business. In this regard, a web-based access control system can be a great option. These systems can provide the administrator account with a complete log of every time a person has used their credentials to open doors. Furthermore, these systems can include search options that allow for these logs to be searched by the room that was accessed, the time frame in question, or a specific employee's code.

Minimal Risk of Data Loss

To be able to effectively review the access logs from these systems, you will need to e able to store this data on a long-term basis. Unfortunately, hardware failures, cyber-attacks, and other issues can make data that is stored on your local systems especially vulnerable. A web-based system will be able to store this information in a cloud service, which can greatly reduce the risk of it being lost or destroyed.

Remote Monitoring of Off-Site Facilities

Many businesses will have off-site facilities that they will need to monitor. Often, these sites can be storage facilities or other buildings that may only be needed to be accessed at sporadic intervals. A web-based access control system can allow you to easily monitor the access history and the status of the locks for these buildings from your primary building. To be effective, this facility will need an internet connection. However, cellular data solutions can often be more than sufficient for providing the bandwidth these systems will need.

Easy Process for Updating Access Credentials

At some point, your business will need to update the access credentials that its employees have. This is particularly common for businesses that have a high turnover rate as they will need to regularly remove and add employees to the access control system. Web-based systems can be among the best solutions for businesses with these needs as it may only take the administrator a matter of minutes to set up the access control account for new workers or to remove inactive accounts from the system.

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