Installing Security Cameras? 3 Best Features For Your Cameras

An integral part of most modern home security systems is security cameras. Security cameras allow for remote monitoring of what is happening in your home, allowing you to ensure your home is always secure. When it comes to choosing cameras to install with your security system, there are a few top features you should look for.

Feature #1: Sound Detection

A motion detection camera is great, as it will start recording whenever motion is detected in its field of vision, or you can set it up to record when motion is detected outside of set hours. You can also program your camera to avoid certain types of motions, such as trees waving in the wind, and record other types of motion within the camera's view.

Sound detection takes this idea to the next level. With sound detection, the camera will start recording when it picks up sound above a certain level. You can program the camera so that it doesn't respond to every little sound that comes its way.

Using a camera with motion and sound detection means your camera will only record when it needs to, and it should always activate when someone is nearby by combining both motion and sound sensing technology into one device.

Feature #2: Night Vision

The truth is that when someone breaks into your home, there is no guarantee they will do so in the middle of the day. They could just as easily try to break into your home when it is dark outside or during other low-light conditions, such as a cloudy day or around sunset or sunrise.

With a night vision camera, also referred to as infrared vision, it will switch to a built-in infrared filter and use infrared LEDs to capture what is happening outside when it is dark. That way, no matter what the light is like, your camera will capture what is happening around your home.

Feature #3: Cloud Storage

Finally, you want a video camera system with cloud storage. For one, cloud storage means you don't have to manage a physical storage system. You can also store a lot more data on a cloud storage device than on a physical device.

One of the greatest parts about cloud storage, though, is that you can access it remotely. That means you don't have to be sitting in your home, looking at a monitor, to see what is happening. You can log in to an app that connects to your cloud storage and see what is happening on your cameras in real-time.

When choosing cameras for your home security system, consider cameras with motion and audio detection, night vision, and cloud storage capabilities. This will allow you full access to the information from the cameras and high-quality footage.

For more information about security system installation, contact a local service provider.

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