Benefits Of Cloud-Based Video Surveillance Systems

Security systems with cameras that monitor and record things either outside your home or business or inside the structure have been common for a long time. Adding the ability to access the video from other locations is a new technology. Surveillance systems in the cloud are becoming extremely popular for home and business owners who want to monitor their property from afar.

Security in the Cloud

For years, the video feed from your security cameras needed to be stored locally so that you could access it later. First, it was VHS taps, then digital files that could be stored on a server. Now modern technology and cloud storage have made it possible to locate surveillance systems in the cloud and store the files for easy access. 

Beyond the storage options, though, the entire system can be designed so that the feeds from cameras no longer need a local computer and can broadcast directly to cloud-based software that allows you to access the feeds from a cell phone, computer, or tablet from any location. 

The video feeds can be viewed live and in real time, or you can run the video back to check something from earlier in the day. The feeds are also available for download, so if you need to provide some video to the police or for some other use, you can easily access them. 

Monitoring Companies

When you are dealing with a security monitoring company to keep your home safe, their system is often set up as a surveillance system in the cloud so that they can easily access your video at their location. The benefit of this is that you will most likely also have access to the video feeds, but check with the company you are considering to make sure that is an option for you. 

Often these systems use heavy encryption to keep others from hacking into the system, but the monitoring company will usually have a portal designed for the property owner to log in and view the surveillance system in the cloud format that the company is using and access all the parts you may need.

The ability to check your home's video surveillance while you are away can be great for checking on the house, the business, pets left home, or your family if you are out of town and they are at home. The options for these cloud-based systems continue to grow, so talk with your security company about what you need or may want to add to your home or business and be sure to ask if they are adding features that you don't have on your current surveillance system in the cloud. 

To learn more, contact a resource that provides surveillance systems in the cloud.

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