3 Signs It's Time For A Commercial Security System

Owning a business can be difficult and time-consuming, especially when you start thinking about everything you need to do to keep the company making money. In addition to finding great new products to sell and doing what you can to advertise them aggressively, it is also important to think carefully about protecting your bottom line. Here are three signs it is time to install a commercial security system in your company. 

1. Employees Come and Go As They Please

Does it seem like your workers arrive late, take long breaks, and leave whenever they feel like it? If you are concerned that employees aren't taking things as seriously as they should be, consider installing a security system to track their comings and goings. Modern security systems can keep track of everything from punch-in times to breaks, so consider investing in one if your labor costs are high. After you install a security system, talk with employees anytime you notice that they aren't following their scheduled arrival, break, and departure times. 

2. You Are Missing Inventory

When was the last time you counted inventory? Was everything you purchased for your store accounted for? Although it can be tempting to ignore the fact that some things are missing, finding what things are going missing and doing what you can to track them down can be a very valuable use of your time. 

By installing a commercial security system, you can learn more about which items customers or employees are walking away with and work with authorities to track those items down. 

3. Company Changes Are Planned

Anytime you have big changes planned for your business, such as layoffs, it is important to think about installing a commercial security system. Sometimes during things like layoffs, employees are tempted to retaliate against their employers by breaking things or damaging property, so be mindful of what you have planned. Other great times to install security systems are before big mergers or after new programs have been initiated, since you can find which workers are abiding by instructions and which ones may need a refresher course. 

Security systems can be incredibly helpful to companies, so take every opportunity to protect your business. Talk with several different security companies to see what products they have available, and be honest about your budget and timeline. Don't necessarily tell your employees that you are having a security system installed, so you can see what they do when they don't think they are being watched. 

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