3 Questions When Purchasing A Home Security System

Have you decided that it is time to purchase a security system for your home? Before you decide on which one to get, you'll likely ask yourself these questions when making a purchasing decision.

Is The Security System Monitored?

There are many types of security systems out there, and one of the biggest differences will be if the system is monitored or not. A monitored security system means that the security system company will check in on any alarms that are tripped to verify if someone is breaking into your home. This can be done by calling a series of phone numbers and looking at camera feeds. If they feel that there is a threat, they will dispatch the police to your home.

Some homeowners prefer a more affordable security system solution where they do their own monitoring. This means that if the alarm goes off, a notice is typically pushed to your smartphone or your phone is called. It is then up to you to dispatch the police. Of course, this depends on you having reliable cell phone service and not missing the notification, which could defeat the purpose of having a security system.

Will The Security System Require A Complicated Installation?

Many home security systems these days use wireless security points so that installation is a breeze. This means that you will need to periodically swap out the batteries with new ones for all your sensors, which include door sensors, glass break sensors, and motion detectors. The keypads can even use batteries so that you can place them anywhere, or take them off the wall and temporarily relocate them. The installation will be more complicated if you decide to get a wired security system. However, you'll never need to worry about dead batteries again.

How Does The Security System Contact The Police? 

If your security system is set to dispatch the police, make sure you understand how it will contact them. Some security systems require a hard-wired phone line, while others have a base station that essentially has a cell phone in it. The nice thing about having a cell phone built into the base station is that these stations often include a battery backup. When combined with battery-powered sensors, you will have protection and the ability to dispatch the police during a power outage or if telephone service is out of order. This can give you peace of mind that your home will be protected at all times. 

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