What To Look For In A Security Camera System

The value of security cameras in recent years has changed significantly. As technologies have improved, the price-to-performance ratio has also gotten better. This means you can buy significantly better security camera systems today than you might have been able to find even 5 years ago, and the price is likely to be much better for the feature set offered.

If you're looking at security camera systems, it's helpful to know what you should expect from a modern solution. These four features are worth checking out on any setup.

Digital Video That's Encrypted

Most of the very cheapest systems still broadcast analog signals over the air or down cables. These signals can be hijacked by nearby hackers, allowing them to make use of your security cameras to study your location.

All videos should be digital. Likewise, it should be transmitted in an encrypted format to ensure that it'll be secure.


The widespread adoption of digital video in the industry means there are plenty of storage options. You do not want to run out of recording time on account of limited storage, and it's easy to get several terabytes worth of space on even low-end systems these days. It's best to use a system that has multiple high-resilience hard drives in a RAID array to ensure that a single drive's failure won't take down the entire system.

Cloud storage is also an option for folks who have internet connectivity. This is a remote storage option that will cheaply store all of your videos on servers. It's also close to infinitely scalable so you can continue to accumulate footage until you're ready to delete it.

Mobile Connectivity

With a properly implemented digital and encrypted solution in place, you can take advantage of that to connect your system to your phone or tablet. This will allow you to check in on the security situation at all times. If a security alarm is triggered in a particular spot, you can whip out your phone and pull up a view of the scene within seconds.

Backup Power

You don't want a power outage to take your security cameras down. A variety of backup power options are available, including the ability to connect systems to generators, large batteries, and even solar panels. Continuous electrical supply and battery backup should also be provided to the networking and storage components. An alarm should be configured to go off if the supply is interrupted, too.

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